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Dimitra DeFotis
Staff Writer - Equities, Barron's

Dimitra DeFotis has been staff writer at Barron's, the market-moving weekly magazine, for nearly a decade, penning stories about investing ideas for online and print editions. She has focused on U.S. equity research in the energy and industrial sectors, but has written about banks, restaurants, media companies, utilities and, more recently, about philanthropy and the wealthy - all with a value investor's mindset.

A native of the Chicago area, Ms. DeFotis earned a Bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she also studied the flute. She is a recipient of the prestigious Knight-Bagehot Fellowship, a competitive annual program for 10 journalists that underwrites MBA studies at Columbia Business School. Following CBS courses including accounting, capital markets, corporate finance, economics, securities analysis and value investing, Ms. DeFotis earned a certificate in economics and a Master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

As a Bagehot, Ms. DeFotis met off the record with corporate executives, investors and government leaders including former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and Timothy Geithner, before he became U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Ms. DeFotis brought New York grocery-and-oil billionaire John Catsimatidis to CBS for a Q&A, which she moderated. In addition, she was selected for a CBS social enterprise trip to India and received a CBS award for her paper on for-profit models fighting poverty in India.

At the Chicago Tribune, where she was a staff writer, Dimitra was among the nation's first "digerati," those journalists in the mid-1990s who embraced the Internet and new ways of storytelling with words, photos and sound. She also wrote front-page Tribune stories on Orthodox Christians, online auctions, farm technology and charter schools. She began her career at the Daily Herald when it was a fast-growing daily newspaper in the Chicago suburbs. As a cub reporter, she covered cocaine busts, murders, school board politics and local elections before emerging as a business columnist.

Ms. DeFotis is on the advisory board of Girls Write Now, a not-for-profit that helps urban teens gain confidence through writing with a professional mentor.

To read Ms. DeFotis work, visit http://dimitradefotis.googlepages.com/dimitradefotis