Nicola R. Facciorusso
Autenrieth Capital

Born 1958 in Italy. High school specialisation in Aviation & Aerospace in Italy and employment at FIAT, move to Germany in 1983 to join a two-year bank apprenticeship by Dresdner Bank. From 1988 to 2000, acquisition & advisory of Southern European institutional investors investing in the German, and since 2005 also in the Greek capital market successfully achieved at Dresdner Bank, CARIPLO (Banca Intesa), BHF-Bank and HVB Bank. In 1992 start of active business relationship with a leading SWF of the United Arab Emirates. From 2000 to 2010 Senior Vice President of Sal. Oppenheim, Director of Equity Sales and since 2008 Director Corporate Brokerage. Founder of Autenrieth Capital – Munich, in 2010. Since 2009 Fellow of the Governance & Accountability Institute of New York. Responsible for all Investment Banking issues affecting Sal. Oppenheim in Greece and in the Middle East. The bank’s first contact person for institutional investors, government representatives, listed-unlisted companies and local/international press from both above-mentioned regions. Active involvement in shaping and realization of the investment banking strategies in the named regions and responsible for the efficiency of the bank’s related working processes. Guest in several special television live interviews related to the German capital market on leading Italian financial broadcasting stations. Several interviews, guest writer and mentioned in editorials about financial market contests respectively at leading financial magazines and newspapers in Italy, US, Middle East and Greece. Guest speaker at conferences in the US and in Germany about Sovereign Wealth Funds from the Middle East or the Greek capital market, to an extended audience of institutional investors, delegates of listed Corporations and media. Establishment, organisation and management of sophisticated large-scale investment conferences and investors field trips dedicated to international institutional investors in Germany, Italy, Greece and in the Emirates, with participation of listed companies at Board Members level, as well as leading media representatives and honorary speakers from the industry, government side of the respective country. Almost thousand company Roadshows of German and Greek listed Corporates, at IR and CEO/CFO level, by institutional investors in Southern European countries and in the Emirates.

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