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Christopher Drennen
Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets Advisory & Solutions
BNP Paribas

Christopher Drennen is Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets Advisory & Solutions for BNP Paribas. He is responsible for a team advising financial and public institutions on dealing with financial stress, regulatory change and business optimisation. He has formerly worked in various financial management and public finance positions in London, Paris, New York and Latin America advising sovereign, supranational and financial institution clients.

More specifically in Greece, he has advised the Greek official sector in various occasions over the past two years on issues relating to Greek bank recapitalisation and reorganisation of the banking system, and was previously a lead technical negotiator on behalf of private creditors during the Greek sovereign restructuring. As an advisor to many European governments and official institutions, Mr. Drennen is a specialist in managing public sector impacts of financial system stress and financial institution crises. His work has also focused on advising financial institutions on capital and balance sheet management.

He currently serves on the Special Committee on Financial Crisis Prevention and Resolution (sponsored by IIF), the Joint Committee on Strengthening the Framework for Sovereign Debt Crisis Prevention and Resolution (sponsored by the G20 and IIF) and the Expert Group on Sovereign Debt Restructuring (sponsored by the United Nations Financing for Development Office and the Centre for International Governance Innovation).

Mr. Drennen received a BA in History from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA in Finance from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC Paris). Christopher serves on the Board of Directors of Johns Hopkins University (USA) Foundation and the Johns Hopkins University Leadership Forum and is involved in promoting and supporting a broad array of community-building and social development programmes. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Sheridan Libraries and Museums.