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Aristotle Halikias
President and Chief Executive Officer
Intercontinental Real Estate & Development Corp.

Aristotle Halikias has extensive experience in the banking industry as well as in real estate development, investment and management in the USA.

Since 2000, he has held the position of Chairman of the Board of Republic Bank of Chicago, and oversees general policies that govern the operations of the bank, oversees community and commercial lending, and real estate financing, and manages its profitability, stability, and long term strategic goals. Under Mr. Halikias' leadership the bank has grown to more than 10 times its size through organic growth and the purchase of multiple failed institutions. Mr. Halikias positioned the bank to a favored bidder's status with the FDIC which resulted in the acquisition of several failed bank institutions through and from the FDIC.

Since 1994 he has held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Intercontinental Real Estate & Development Corporation, a real estate company which has undertaken real estate projects with a value of several hundred million dollars, including commercial, industrial, specialty projects, including hospitality and entertainment-based developments, as well as multi-family and single family residential communities. He has managed all aspects of real estate development from concept to disposition, including site location and acquisition, building and site planning, municipal and government entitlements, project management and marketing, property management, and brokerage.

Between 1988 and 1996 he held senior managerial positions in the Steel City National Bank, Thornridge State Bank, and Tinley Park Bank, all in the State of Illinois. He is Executive Director of the Halikias Family Foundation, and oversees the operations and administration, compliance monitoring and grants management.

He is the past President and current Vice Chairman of the National Hellenic Museum and under his leadership the Museum's Board of Directors has built a new, world-class museum; the first national Hellenic Museum in the United States. He oversaw a successful capital campaign that raised funds for the museum, and has negotiated successful zoning and building approvals.