John Gikopoulos
Chief Innovation Officer & Head AI & Analytics
Qualco Group

John Gikopoulos studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and worked in Sales & Trading as well as Industrial Production, prior to becoming a consultant and joining McKinsey. After over one decade of working in this organisation, finally departed as a Partner and leader of the Customer Care service in 2016.

Following McKinsey, he set up IPSoft´s European cognitive business out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 2016 – 2018. Finally, he established and led Infosys’ Global AI and Automation practice from 2018 – 2022.

John Gikopoulos recently joined Qualco as a Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). He is responsible for Qualco’s overall Strategy, establishing an Enablement Office responsible for the implementation of Qualco’s Group level strategic projects, overseeing - end to end - Qualco’s M&A activities and finally setting up a strategic Incubator initiative.