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Casper Burgering
Senior Sector Economist

After working previously for VU Amsterdam University (in a research function) and in the consultancy sector (as a business analyst), Casper Burgering joined ABN AMRO Group Economics in 2005. Since then, he has been working as a senior sector economist in the Sector & Commodity Research department.

Caspers main area of expertise is the Metals & Mining sectors (both ferrous and non-ferrous metals). His specialties are monitoring commodity developments and trends, including commodity price forecasting on steel and its raw materials (iron ore, coking coal) and base metals (such as aluminium, copper, nickel and zinc). Most important commodity publication is the Quarterly Commodity Outlook (on energy, precious, base metal, ferrous metals, and agribusiness). The Dry Bulk Outlook is updated four times per year for various purposes (also presented in South Korea).