Stamatis Tsantanis
Chairman and CEO
Seanergy Maritime Holdings

Stamatis Tsantanis is the Chairman and CEO of Seanergy Maritime Holdings (NASDAQ:SHIP). He has more than 16 years of experience in shipping and finance and held senior management positions in prominent shipping companies. Prior to joining Seanregy, he served as Group Chief Financial Officer of Target Marines S.A. and was responsible for its corporate and financial strategy.

Mr. Tsantanis previously served as the Chief Financial Officer and as a Director of Top Ships Inc. from its initial public offering and listing on NASDAQ. Prior to that, he was an investment banker at Alpha Finance, a member of the Alpha Bank Group, with active role in a number of shipping corporate finance transactions. Mr. Tsantanis holds a Masters degree in Shipping Trade and Finance from the City University Business School in London, and a Bachelors degree in Shipping Economics from the University of Piraeus.