Allison Kingsley
Founding Partner
NOVA Infrastructure

Allison Kingsley serves on the Board of Directors for Bold Ocean, a diversified US Flag company with longstanding service to the US government and other partners.  Allison is Founding Partner of NOVA Infrastructure, a mid-market infrastructure investment manager committed to providing thoughtful growth capital to essential businesses like Bold Ocean.  NOVA is dedicated to the mission of the US Flag and the Bold Ocean family of companies:  Schuyler Line Navigation Services, Chesapeake Crewing, Schuyler Services, Schuyler Technical, and Argent Marine Operations.  Allison has 22 years of experience investing in infrastructure assets, with significant investments in transportation and government-related companies.  In addition to Bold Ocean, she also serves on the Board of Directors of Premier Logistics and Jaguar Transport.  Previously, Allison invested and worked for Reformation Capital, PartnerRe, Ambac, and Lehman Brothers, and holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University, an M.S.L. from Yale Law School, and a B.A. cum laude from Rice University.