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John P. Calamos, Sr.
Chairman, CEO & Global Co-Chief Investment Officer
Calamos Investments

During a distinguished investment career spanning more than 40 years, John P. Calamos, Sr. has provided investors with innovative strategies for building and protecting wealth over market cycles. The roots of Calamos trace back to the difficult markets of the 1970s, when John developed breakthrough strategies which utilized convertible bonds to manage risks and enhance return potential. Convertibles were little known at the time, but John recognized the potential of these hybrid securities, which combined features of stocks and bonds.

However, John's investment experience began far earlier. The son of a Greek immigrant, John grew up in Chicago, where he worked in his family's grocery store. When he was in his teens, he became interested in investing and convinced his parents to entrust him with a portion of their hard-earned nest egg. From these early days, John understood that his investment decisions carried with them great responsibility. He saw firsthand the effort that went into earning this money, and knew the implications of losing it. John's belief in the value of teamwork was solidified during his service as a member of the U.S. Air Force where he flew 900 combat missions during the Vietnam War, ultimately earning the rank of Major and a Distinguished Flying Cross. His early career molded Calamos's belief in teamwork.

John's experience in the military also solidified his belief in being prepared and disciplined. His philosophy is that certain risks cannot be avoided, but through preparedness and discipline, they can be understood and managed. This philosophy has been a hallmark of our approach to help clients build and preserve wealth over the long term.

Following his military service, John embarked on a career in investment management and research. Guided by entrepreneurial vision, he established his own company in 1977, which grew into a diversified global investment firm with capabilities in convertibles, equities, fixed-income and alternatives.

In 2004, John took his firm public as Calamos Asset Management, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLMS). As chairman, chief executive officer and co-chief investment officer, he remains fully involved in the day-to-day and strategic operations.

John received his undergraduate degree in Economics and M.B.A. in Finance from the Illinois Institute of Technology. A well-recognized pioneer in risk-management strategies, he is the author of two books: Investing in Convertible Securities: Your Complete Guide to the Risks and and Convertible Securities: the Latest Instruments, Portfolio Strategies, and Valuation Analysis Rewards, along with numerous articles in various financial journals. He is often quoted in the press and appears on television.

John is an active philanthropist and committed to promoting education. He is a member of the Boards of Trustees of Illinois Institute of Technology and Benedictine University and is a member of the Board of Directors for the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago. He has been honored for his lifetime contributions by the Hellenic Bar Association.