Arnstein Eknes is global segment director for Special ships and offshore vessels in DNV, which include close contact with those developing and servicing the offshore industry being within renewables or the more traditional energy and infrastructure developers. With focus on sustainability and innovation in the maritime industry, Eknes is a very active motivator and frequently used advisor in how the industry can improve its competitiveness. The special ship segment has spearheaded qualification of new technologies & practices including hybridization and alternative fuels, and several projects have demonstrated the importance of collaboration, unlocking organizational limitations and promoting early stakeholder involvement as key success factors.

Before taking his current position in 2009 he was country manager for DNV Maritime in Finland and the Baltic states. His career also includes 5 years as head of section for offshore support & special ships and conversions, and several years as a plan approval expert. He graduated with MSc in Marine Technology from NTH in Norway and have enjoyed several executive programs by IMD and INSEAD, the latter with focus on leadership and digital transformation. He also serves as board member of the Shipping & Offshore Network, a non-profit organization for networking and market knowledge for trendsetters in the Nordic maritime cluster.