Nitin Mehta
CFO & Head of Strategy - GMS
COO - Lila Global

Nitin Mehta serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategy of GMS. He also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Lila Global, the ship-owning entity of the GMS group. He joined in 2021, and during this period he has led the group through significant revenue and horizontal growth. Extensive experience in diverse markets with a profound knowledge of finance and proven advisory skills allow Nitin to provide solutions by getting all stakeholders together to achieve common objectives. Nitin believes in keeping things simple and attributes his success to mutually respectful relationships, which he has built over his extensive career. He is driven to uphold the highest level of ethics, credibility, and transparency through a diverse and holistic range of competencies he has gained over the last 27 years across multiple geographies. Prior to joining GMS, he was CEO of Tomini Shipping and held several executive positions for a number of banks, including Standard Chartered, Citibank, and Mashreq Bank.