Georgios E. Poularas

With 27 years of experience in the international maritime industry, I am honored to be leading ENESEL SA and set one of the highest examples for excellence in the industry. My journey began in Greece, where I was born and raised in a family with a long legacy as seafarers. From my great-grandfather down through the generations, we have made a living on the sea as captains of vessels. I was quickly introduced to the industry and embraced the calling as a career. My formal education was completed at the University of Newcastle in northern England, where I received my bachelor’s degree in naval architecture and my master’s degree in marine technology. I have further my advanced education with a master’s degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change (CCC) from HEC Paris/Said Business School Oxford. I began my professional career working in the industry from the ground up. I have worked in many positions, both at sea and onshore related to the industry. This gives me keen insights into the challenges faced on a day-to-day basis by my organization. Some of my higher-level positions of experience include technical superintendent, fleet management superintendent, manager of tanker chartering & operations, managing director, and COO. I have enjoyed being affiliated with some of the finest organizations in the industry, such as N.S. Lemos, Schulte Group, and of course, ENESEL SA. Whether it’s promoting safety, environmental excellence or driving business results, it is my passion to make a difference every day and find success in every way possible. I also believe in the power of diversity, and that innovation begins with people.