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Constantinos S. Galanakis
Elvictor Group

Constantinos S. Galanakis serves as the CEO of Elvictor Group, a leading crew management and maritime training services provider founded in 1977.

Following a thorough training in various universities and organizations with a dedicated focus and personal interest in mergers and acquisitions, he joined Elvictor back in 2001. In his current capacity as the CEO of a diversified and international group of firms, he is responsible for controlling cross-national operations of the group's business units as well as orchestrating the smooth inter-functional co-ordination of the group's diverse value chain activities. He is widely recognised as one of the pioneers in the field of information technology applications in shipping, he is fully committed to promoting the agenda of quality and safety onboard and maintains an active and keen interest in the field of M&As.

His formal educational background includes a B.B.A., an M.B.A. and a Master's in Shipping. He is married with one daughter and lives in Athens, Greece.