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Giles Noakes
Chief Maritime Security Officer

Giles is the Chief Maritime Security Officer and runs the Maritime Security Department of BIMCO. The department focuses on providing security services/advice to ship owner/manager members and also advocates on their behalf. He is currently heavily involved with the shipping industry input into dealing with piracy off the coast of Somalia, from both a practical and advocacy position. Giles sits on the CGPCS and many of its Working Groups. He advises in many other fora, and has been intimately involved in the drafting of much of the current counter Piracy guidance including; the drafting and updates of industry BMP, guidelines on "From Capture to Release", guidelines on the Use and Construction of Citadels and the BIMCO GUARDCON. He is currently involved in advising on the draft of ISO 28007.

On leaving the Royal Marines 16 years ago he completed an MBA and became the CEO of Multistar Container Transport, a container leasing company. As the CEO of Jigsaw Container Logistics Security (JCLS) and since 9/11, he has been involved and specialised in all aspects of maritime security, including container transport, shipping and port security consultancy and operations. He is a respected commentator on all aspects of security within the Maritime Domain.