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Alisdair Pettigrew
Shipping Operation Lead
Carbon War Room

Alisdair has over twelve years experience of working in the marine and allied fuel and commodities markets, including six as a journalist. Alisdair is a former Associate Publisher with Informa Group (owners of Lloyd's List) and a former director of Petromedia, where he founded the highly regarded environmental news and information site

Alisdair has extensive contacts and networks within these industries spanning international media to government and regulatory bodies, and has lobbied at the highest level, where he has been responsible for driving positive change within the marine industry. He has personal contact over many years with many of the proposed project team(s), combined with expert knowledge of shipping and the marine environment and communications skills.

Alisdair has coordinated the CWR retrofit energy efficiency finance thread for the CWR Shipping Operation since 2009, gaining invaluable experience in terms of understanding the best approaches to take to new market segments in order to maximize CWR impact.