Under the auspices of the
Ministry of Finance
of the Hellenic Republic



George Kyriakos
Special Secretary for Public Enterprises and Entities of Greece
Ministry of Finance

George Kyriakos has been appointed as the Special Secretary for Public Enterprises and entities in Greece as of September 2010.He also represents Greece in France as a member of the OECD group of State owned Enterprises.

George holds a Bachelor degree from Denver University and a Master Degree in Science of Management from Boston University Brussels. He has also attained various executive courses at Insead in France.

As of November 2011 Member of the Bureau for Privatisation and State Owned Enterprises of OECD.

He is a member of the Board of OPAP, the biggest betting company in Greece, and has been elected as a board member for ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) in Greece.

He has more than 20 years of experience in top management position for Heineken in Greece and France, and has been the CEO of Super League, (the organizer of Greek professional p Football League).

He speaks English and French, and enjoys sports and travelling.