Under the auspices of the
Ministry of Finance
of the Hellenic Republic



Capital Link welcomes the 13th Annual Investor Forum - Greece to New York City this year.  This forum recognizes the need for optimism, opportunity, reformation, and extroversion during these difficult economic times.  Continuing with tradition, U.S. as well as Greek business and investment communities will have the chance to discuss not only the recent trends in the capital and stock markets, but the main sectors of business activity in Greece, covering a range of topics from tourism, shipping, information technology, energy, and banking to telecommunications and real estate.
Held in cooperation with the New York Stock Exchange, this forum is a collaborative event.  Annual support from the Athens Exchange, major global investment banks, as well as U.S. and international organizations allows Capital Link to provide forum participants with a comprehensive review of government economic plans, new reforms, policies, and objectives.  Moving forward, it will underscore both new and ongoing government and private sector initiatives meant to attract direct investment in Greece.  An extensive network of key businesses, companies, investment communities, and government officials—from the Ministry of Finance to Hellenic Petroleum and the National Bank of Greece—will also be at attendees’ disposal as will speakers, sponsors, and guests.  In doing so, Capital Link remains committed to its aim of raising awareness about Greece as an investment destination to a wider investor audience.

Our target audience is the management of top U.S. corporations with an active interest or involvement with Greece and the greater region; institutional investors in Greek equities and fixed income securities; portfolio managers and analysts; commercial and investment bankers; financial advisors and brokers; and financial media and press. On average, around 800 professionals attend the event annually.
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