Under the auspices of the
Ministry of Finance
of the Hellenic Republic



Socrates Lazaridis
Executive Chairman of the Athens Exchange &
CEO of the Hellenic Exchanges Group

Socrates Lazaridis is Executive Chairman of the Athens Exchange and CEO of the Hellenic Exchanges Group since October 2010. He is also a member of the Board of the Federation of European Exchanges, Link Up Markets and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.

He joined the HELEX group in 1994 as Business Development Manager at the Central Securities Depository (CSD). In 1995 he set up the technology arm of the Group, "Systems Development and Support of Capital Market" (ASYK SA) in which he held the post of General Director until May 1998 when he resigned to assume the post of General Director of the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) until December of 2006.

From May 1998 he served as the General Manager of Athens Exchange (until December 2006), as the Chairman of ASYK S.A. (until March 2005), as the Vice Chairman of Athens Derivatives Exchange (until August 2002) and as a board member of Athens Derivatives Exchange Clearing House (until November 2006).

From January to September 2007 he held the position of General Director of Clearing, Settlement and Registration at the HELEX Group while from October 2007 to October 2010 he served as General Director of Market Operations and Business Development at the HELEX Group and executive Vice-Chairman of the Athens Exchange.

Born in Athens in 1962, he studied Economics at the Department of Economics in Athens University and continued his studies for an MSc (Econ) at Queen Mary College of London. In 1987 he founded "Effect Ltd", which specialized in development for the capital markets industry.
v He is married and he has one daughter.