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Tassos Kazinos
Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Member
Trastor REIC

Tassos Kazinos serves as the Chief Executive Officer, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Investment Committee of Trastor REIC. In November 2014, he joined Piraeus Bank SA as Head of Real Estate Investments, focusing on corporate restructurings and the development of a divestment strategy for the bank’s REO portfolio. Tassos led Piraeus Bank’s divestment process from Trastor and in June 2016 he completed the sale of a 33.8% stake in the company to Varde Partners. He joined Trastor on a full-time basis in November 2016 and in January 2017 he completed a rights issue raising €20.2mn of new capital. He plays a leading role in formulating the Company’s investment strategy and together with his team, they are working on executing real estate investments in Greece, aiming at rapidly growing the company.
Mr. Tassos G. Kazinos has more than 20 years professional experience in the UK, USA, India and Greece, during which he has successfully assumed senior positions. He worked for Argo Capital Management, an alternative investment manager based in the UK, specializing in emerging markets, private equity investments, and the acquisition, development and management of real estate assets. He served as an Executive Board Member of the Albert Abela Corporation, a private foodservice management company and hotel group with $ 1.4 billion in sales, responsible for the acquisition, repositioning and administration of hotels, the management and development of in-flight catering facilities, and the sale of non-core subsidiaries. He also worked for Arts Alliance, a venture capital fund with investments in technology companies, and for Bain & Company, a strategy consultancy company in Boston.
Tassos holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School and graduated with First Class honors from the London School of Economics with a degree in Industrial and Business Economics.