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Yannis Manuelides
Partner, London
Allen & Overy LLP

Yannis Manuelides is a London-based finance partner at the international law firm Allen & Overy, where he heads the sovereign debt practice. He has over 25 years’ experience in project, corporate and leveraged finance, debt restructuring, securitisation and capital market transactions. He studied philosophy at Princeton and Chicago in the US and law at Cambridge in the UK where he qualified as an English solicitor. He also worked in France for over 5 years where he became a member of the Paris bar. Yannis has had a long involvement with Greece’s private and sovereign debt markets, from the time when the country issued its first fixed rate bond in the 1990s. He has since worked on some of the country’s ground-breaking transactions, including its €206 billion debt restructuring (PSI). Yannis is a contributor to the current debates on sovereign and bank debt and on the Eurozone architecture through advice, membership of special committees, lectures and papers. More on what Yannis does here: Sovereign Debt, Allen & Overy LLP.