Zhou Jian Feng
Managing Director
Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Limited

Captain Zhou Jian Feng is the Managing Director of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Limited. He graduated from Shanghai Maritime University in 1995 and has worked for Wah Kwong since then, initially as a deck officer on product tankers and subsequently as deck officer and Master of several of the Wah Kwong ships including VLCC and LPG tankers. From October 2005, he has been employed as a technical superintendent with Wah Kwong, and subsequently prompted to Operations Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director. Captain Zhou is holding a Master degree on International Shipping and Logistics of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and he is also a current member of Marine Environment Committee of BIMCO.

周建峰船长,华光海运控股有限公司董事总经理,1995年上海海事大学毕业后一直效力华光,从成品油轮驾驶员逐渐升为船长,期间任职于华光船队不同的船型包括超级油船及液化石油气船。2005年10月升为船队机务总管,及後升任运营/技术经理丶首席运营官丶董事总经理。周船长获香港理工大学国际航运及物流管理理学硕士学位,同时为波罗的海国际航运公会(BIMCO)的海洋环境委员会(Marine Environment Committee)会员。