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Michael Valentin
COO - d'Amico International Shipping

Michael Valentin has acted as the chief operating officer and executive vice president of the d'Amico Group's tanker operations since March 2000. He also serves as a director of d'Amico Tankers Limited and various other Group companies. Before joining the d'Amico Group, his earlier career spanned approximately 19 years with Maersk Tankers/ A.P.Moller, and included playing a key role in the development of Maersk's product tankers division. He was appointed general manager of this division in 1995 and a director in 1997. Mr. Valentin has a bachelor's degree from Rungsted Gymnasium, Denmark, and he also completed the Maersk-A.P.Moller Shipping Academy course between 1981 and 1985, and the Maersk-A.P.Moller management programme in 1996. Mr. Valentin lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco.