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As the global derivatives market undergoes further economic and regulatory changes, the ability to effectively manage risks is becoming paramount, whether you are a risk manager, investor, trader, broker, or analyst. 

On the domestic front, the Dodd-Frank rulemaking continues past expected deadlines after its one-year anniversary, transforming the derivatives playing field in both intended and unintended ways.  Abroad, conflicting developments in the U.S. and EU demonstrate a greater need for international cooperation in regards to global derivatives trading rules if we are to avoid fragmentary markets and possible protectionism.  The combined effects of these regulatory reforms have already reached Asia, resulting in discriminatory non-exemption measures for Asian central banks and governments in contrast to their U.S. counterparts.  Yet, derivatives remain important financial tools in risk protection and implementing innovative investment strategies around the world.  

It is in this decisive climate that Capital Link welcomes you to The 3rd Annual Global Derivatives Forum in New York City.  As in our past Global Derivatives Forums, the program will feature a distinguished list of speakers providing a unique and insightful global perspective on FFA’s, commodities, energy, and freight derivatives.  We will also identify, analyze, and evaluate the investment and financing opportunities in these global derivatives.

This year, the forum will provide:

  • Investors, investment banks, hedge funds, and commodity traders with a realistic assessment of recent market growth and opportunities in the global derivatives market
  • A comprehensive update on how to use energy, commodity & freight derivatives for hedging, trading, investing, or other purposes, providing the view point of different market participants such as hedge funds, traders, brokers and corporate users
  • The latest derivative products used in shipping, including FFAs and freight options, commodity trading and energy
  • Clearing Derivatives and Risk Management
  • Evaluation of current market growth and current liquidity levels. 
  • Legal issues and risk for FFA trading
  • Accounting & Auditing Issues of FFA’s

Last year’s inaugural Forum was well-attended with an audience of over 425 delegates.  Capital Link expects a greater audience turnout in 2011. 



Commodity and Shipping Risk Managers, Financial Analysts & Risk Advisors, Commodity Traders, Hedge Fund Managers, Shipping Fund Investors, Commercial Bankers, Ship Owners & CEOs, Ship Operators & Managers, Charterers, Shipbrokers, Maritime Lawyers, and Financial Media.


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