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John Dragnis
Chief Executive Officer
Goldenport Holdings Inc.

John Dragnis was appointed as Chief Executive Officer on 4 April 2012. Before that he was appointed as Commercial director on admission on 5 April 2006 and as an Executive Director on 4 October 2010. Since his first appointment, John has spent considerable amount of his time developing the business and identifying opportunities for fleet expansion through the acquisition of new building or second hand vessels.

During the last six years since the Company's IPO, John has maintained existing relationships and established new ones with charterers and ship-yards, especially in the Far East. Prior to the Company's admission, in addition to his normal duties John was also involved in setting up and managing a super-yachts management and chartering business. John holds a degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Shipping, Trade and Finance from CASS Business School, London.