Interviews from Capital Link Forum: Invest in International Shipping

  Dale Ploughman
Chief Executive Officer
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.

  • Capital Link Media interview with Dale Ploughman, CEO - Seanergy Maritime
      Nick Kounis
    Head of Macro Research
    Group Economics


  • Capital Link Media interview with Nick Kounis, Head of Macro Research, Group Economics - ABN AMRO
      Nicolas Bornozis
    President and CEO
    Capital Link, Inc.

  • Capital Link Media interview with Nicolas Bornozis, President of Captial Link
      George V. Saroglou
    Chief Operating Officer
    Tsakos Energy Navigation, Ltd.

  • Tradewinds Interview with George Saroglou of Tsakos Energy Navigation
      Aristides J. Pittas
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Euroseas Ltd.

  • Tradewinds Interview with Aristides J. Pittas of Euroseas
      Dr. John Coustas
    Danaos Corporation

  • Tradewinds Interview with Dr. John Coustas of Danaos Corp.
      Spyros I. Capralos
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Star Bulk Carriers Corp.

  • Tradewinds Interview with Spyros Capralos of Star Bulk Carriers Corp.
      Dagfinn Lunde
    Member of the Board of Managing Directors
    DVB Bank

  • Tradewinds Interview with Dagfinn Lunde of DVB Bank
      Dr. Anil Sharma
    Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Tradewinds Interview with Anil Sharma of Global Marketing Systems
      Gust Biesbroeck
    Global Head of ECT-Transportation

  • Tradewinds Interview with Gust Biesbroeck of ABN AMRO
      Paul Leand
    Director and CEO
    AMA Capital Partners

  • Tradewinds Interview with Paul Leand of AMA Capital Partners

      Akis Tsirigakis
    Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer

    George Syllantavos
    Co-Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Treasurer and Director

  • Tradewinds Interview with Akis Tsirigakis and George Syllantavos of Nautilus

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