Nicolas Bornozis

Alternative Sources of Ship Finance---Erik Helberg, Peter-Sorkin, Hamish Norton & Sofia Kalomenidis

Analyst Panel---Michael Webber & Fotis Giannakoulis

Analyst Panel---Douglas Mavrinac, Michael Pak & Daniel Rodgers

Analyst Panel---Michael Pak & Daniel Rodgers


Anil Sharma

Are Capital Markets Open to Shipping---Magnus Halvorsen, Philippe Chryssicopoulos, Wiley Griffiths, Sandy Reddin & Steve Farrell


Nicolas Bornozis

Chapter 11---Safe Haven or Bermuda Triangle---Steven Strom, John Ashmead & Robert Burns

Cocktail Reception

Company Presentation---Fotis Giannakoulis

Company Presentations---Danaos---Evangelos Chatzis

Company Presentations---Danaos---Evangelos Chatzis

Company Presentations---Euroseas---Aristides Pittas

Company Presentations---Excel---Pavlos Kanellopoulos

Company Presentations---Safe Bulkers---Loukas Barmparis

Company Presentations---Seanergy---Dale Ploughman

Company Presentations---Star Bulk---Spyros Capralos

Company Presentations---Tsakos---George Saroglou

Container Sector Panel---Kevin Kennedy, Claes Devantier, Aristides Pittas, John Coustas & Michael Webber

Dry Bulk Sector Panel---Sypros Capralos, Dale Ploughman, Loukas Barmparis, Ismini Panayotides & Ben Nolan

Peter Anker & George Economou

George Economou

Harris Antoniou

Investment Opportunities in Shipping Today---Magnus Fyhr


Luncheon Keynote Speaker---Harris Antoniou

Nick Kounis

Nick Kounis

Offshore Panel---Tor Olav Trøim, Bill Rose, Simen Lieungh, George Economou & Anders Bergland


Restructuring---A New Beginning---Alfred-Yudes, Michael Rosenthal, Jeffrey Pribor, Paul Leand & Stuart Gelfond

Shipping & Bank Financing---Ronny Bjørnådal, Evan Cohen, Gust Biesbroeck & Emil Yiannopoulos

Tanker Sector Panel---Robert Bugbee, Ted Petrone, George Saroglou & Douglas Mavrinac

Aristides Pittas

Aristides Pittas

Dale Ploughman

Dale Ploughman

Dale Ploughman & Barry Parker

Dale Ploughman, Loukas Barmparis & Ismini Panayotides

Evagelos Chatzis

Evangelos Chatzis

George Saroglou

Kevin Kennedy, Claes Devantier & Aristides Pittas

Kevin Kennedy, Claes Devantier, Aristides Pittas & John Coustas

Kevin Kennedy, Claes Devantier, Aristides Pittas, John Coustas & Michael Webber

Loukas Barmparis

Loukas Barmparis

Spyros Capralos, Dale Ploughman, Loukas Barmparis, Ismini Panayotides & Ben Nolan

Spyros Capralos

Spyros Capralos & Dale Ploughman

Spyros Capralos, Dale Ploughman & Loukas Barmparis

Ted Petrone

Tor Olav Troim, Bill ROse, Peter Anker & George Economou

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