Adrian Tolson
General Manager - North America
OW Bunker

Adrian Tolson is General Manager, North America, for OW Bunker, one of the world's largest independent suppliers and traders of marine fuels and lubricants. Tolson joined OW Bunker in October 2012 to oversee the company's new physical division in the North America. OW Bunker's physical division is headquartered in Connecticut, and is committed to controlled expansion in key ports throughout North America. Tolson now heads up both the physical supply and trading divisions of OW Bunker in North America.

Adrian Tolson has many years of experience in the bunkering industry. Prior to joining OW Bunker, he was Vice President, Marine Fuels, for Noble Bunkering. And before that, he was Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing for Chemoil, where he spent over 25 years with the company leading it from start-up to IPO on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Working with the world's leading ship owners and operators, OW Bunker's core activity is the global sale of bunkers both from its own physical inventories, where it operates over 30 large and small tankers in its global fleet, as well as an intermediary trader. OW Bunker also provides risk management tools and services, as well as purchasing and selling entire oil cargoes.

OW Bunker's head office is located in Noerresundby in North Denmark, where the company was founded in 1980. Today, the Group is represented in 25 countries world wide, spanning Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas and commands more than 6% of the global bunker market. The company is part of the Wrist Group, which is owned by Altor, one of Europe's leading private equity funds.