Dr. Hermann J. Klein
CEO of E.R. Schiffahrt
CEO of Blue Star Holding
Managing Director of E.R. Capital Holding

Dr. Hermann J. Klein (56) studied shipbuilding and mechanical engineering at the University of Hanover, Germany, and business studies at the FernUniversität in Hagen. He spent many years working as a scientist and engineer at several leading German shipbuilding and engine research institutes in various departments. In 1992, he received his doctorate in engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology.

In 1992, Dr. Klein was appointed head of design as part of the management team at the Bremen-based Lürssen shipyard, which specialises in many types of naval and merchant vessels, including luxury yachts.

In 1995, he transferred as managing director to the MWB shipyard, a position he held for five years before becoming Chairman of the Board for the company.

In September 2003, Dr. Klein was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of Germanischer Lloyd AG. In December 2010, he left the Executive Board and was appointed to the Supervisory Board in 2011.

Dr. Klein joined E.R. Schiffahrt in April 2012 as managing director of E.R. Schiffahrt. Since July 2012 he is the CEO of E.R. Schiffahrt and Blue Star Holding.

Dr. Klein was a private lecturer at various German universities between 1990 and 2003. Since 2005, he has been Chairman of the Board for the Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft (STG [German Society for Maritime Technology]).

In addition to these positions, he also serves on various advisory and supervisory boards of companies and institutions in the maritime industry.