Captain T.T. Chung
General Secretary - Merchant Navy Officers' Guild- Hong Kong
ITF Fair Practice Committee & Fair Practice Committee Steering Group member
ITF Hong Kong Coordination Committee Convener

Captain T.T. Chung served as the ship master in Hong Kong High Speed Craft company for over 30 years after his long years of seagoing vessels services. Due to his extensive experiences in the industry and euthanistic in serving other seafarer, Captain Chung engaged in unionism since 1996 and was elected and continue his terms as General Secretary of Merchant Navy Officers' Guild- Hong Kong since 1999. In 2010, Captain Chung was elected as ITF FPC member and ITF FPC Steering Group member of Asia Pacific region. He was also appointed as the convener of the Hong Kong ITF Affiliates Coordinating Committee till now.

During his serving terms in unions for years, Captain Chung actively participated in international and local seafarer wages negotiations, constructing tripartite bargaining platforms for welfare and services, ITF and local maritime policies advocation and implementation, and maritime trainings and education. Currently he is putting his effort in pushing forward the development of young seafarers locally and globally.