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Theodosis Stamatellos
Marine & Offshore Regional Manager
Regional Lead for Marine & Offshore
Lloyd’s Register

Theodosis Stamatellos joined Lloyd’s Register in 2006. In 2014 was appointed to the position of Lloyd's Register Marine & Offshore Regional Manager for South Europe as well as Regional Lead for Marine & Offshore, Inspection Services and Business Assurance. Maintaining a high level responsibility from Cuba to the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Black Sea, he is working closely with external technical and regulatory bodies and the Academia in order to support the needs of our clients and the public at large. Theodosis also holds the role of Lloyd’s Register Ambassador towards promoting the work of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation for dissemination of relevant technical research and a safer world. Prior to joining Lloyd’s Register, Theodosis was Principal Engineer at the Plan Approval department of the American Bureau of Shipping. He has studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens with subsequent University Research work and practical experience with New Buildings at Elefsis Shipyards.

He has been elected a member of a number of professional, social and regional committees such as the Naval Architecture Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece where he has served as the chairman.