Dr. George Georgousis

Academic Degrees:
1989 - 1994 B.Sc. in Physics, Physics Department, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
1995 - 1996 M.Sc. in Applied Physics, Physics Department, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece
1997 - 2000 Ph.D in Physics, Physics Department, NTUA, Greece

Participation in Research Projects:
Europian : 1996 - 99: CERAMELEC, 1996-97: INTAS Scientific Network, 1998 - 00: INTAS Scientific Network, 1999-00: EARLINET (63/1133), "European Aerosol Research Lidar Network", 2000.
National (GSRT) : 1997 - 98: Greece - Rumania Scientific Collaboration, 1999 - 00: 61/1015, Lidar System Upgrade, 2000- 01: ????? (99??2)

Professional Experience
1996 - 2000: Employment as System and Network Administrator at the Applied Physics Department of the NTUA, Greece
2000 - 2002: During my military service (National Intelligence Services) I participated in researches about GIS systems, fleet management, surveillance systems, voice and image transition through Ethernet networks, machine to machine communication via GSM networks.
2002-2007: Product and Project Manager at Raymetrics S.A. (In the mean time I worked as a consultant for new technologies at the Ministry of Public Order)
2007-today: CEO at Raymetrics S.A.

More than 20 referred papers. More than 35 papers in conference proceedings 1 Book Chapter, "Structure-property relationships in polyurethane ionomers, Chapter 6 in "Advanced Functional Polymers and Composites", H. S. Naiwa (Ed.), The Gordon and Breach Publishing Group, Tokyo.