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ADMIE Holding S.A.

ADMIE Holding S.A.
ADMIE Holding S.A. was established in February 2017, within the framework of the ownership unbundling between PPC and Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) S.A.

It is a Company listed in the ATHEX Main Market and its shares are traded in the FTSE index of high cap stocks.

ADMIE Holding S.A. consistently supports and promotes the activities of its affiliated Company IPTO S.A. which it supervises, as owner of 51% of its share capital. IPTO S.A. has the responsibilities and performs the duties of Owner and Operator of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (HETS). The mission of IPTO S.A. is the operation, control, maintenance, and development of HETS, to ensure the country’s supply with electricity in an adequate, safe, efficient, and reliable manner.

The corporate values of ADMIE Holding S.A. harmonize and share the values of IPTO S.A. The top priority of Participations is to gain the trust of the investment public and support the stock, always within the framework set by CSR and the triptych Environment-Society-Good Corporate Governance (ESG).