Machas & Partners Law Firm

Machas & Partners  Law Firm

Machas & Partners is rewriting the model for a full-service law firm in Greece, serving its clients locally according to international standards and in compliance to the sector’s globally acknowledged best-practices.

Our practice is focused on servicing both corporate and private clients in the broad spectrum of their legal affairs. Corporate clients are provided with specialized advisory and top notch representation in matters related to their day-to-day operations, commercial transactions, financing, structuring, compliance, disputes etc., while private clients benefit from our extensive experience in handling complex disputes, including criminal matters, as well as from our expertise in servicing the needs of HNWIs.

Our core purpose is to become an agent for change in the Greek legal community, providing our clients with the service they deserve, in terms of quality and timing, and creating true and measurable value for our clients by our legal advice and insight. We strive to grow, together with our clients, and the best way to achieve this is by creating value and enhancing the prospects and the impact of the matters we handle for our clients.

Our set of values is simple: professional excellence, service with added value and ethical integrity. These values, together with the implementation of internationally acknowledged best-practices, has allowed us to grow organically, acquire a sterling reputation in Greece and abroad amongst peers and clients and gradually but steadily become a major legal service provider in Greece.

Our multi-jurisdictional exposure as a law firm that operates and is qualified to practice in both Greece and in London UK, together with our team of lawyers with members who are qualified to practice under Greek, UK and US law, comprise the basis for international clients, doing business in or relocating to Greece, to feel at home.

We aspire to become a valuable platform for our clients and the Greek economy, bringing people and companies together, foreseeing synergies, creating value and turning opportunities into success.

Although most of our clients believe that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks, we believe that risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.