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Dr. Mickey Levy
Chief Economist, Bank of America

As Chief Economist for Bank of America, Dr. Levy analyzes and forecasts national and international economic performance and financial market behavior, and conducts research on monetary and fiscal policies. He sits on the Bank's Asset Liability Committee.

In addition to his work with Bank of America, Dr. Levy serves on the Shadow Open Market Committee, is an advisor to several Federal Reserve Banks. He has testified before Congressional committees on topics concerning the Federal Reserve and monetary policy, fiscal and budget policies, economic and credit conditions and the banking industry. Dr. Levy is widely quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other leading journals, and appears frequently on CNN, CNBC, ABC News, and in the financial electronic media.

Dr. Levy has received several awards for accuracy in economic and financial forecasting.

Prior to his career in the private financial sector, Dr. Levy conducted research at the American Enterprise Institute and the Congressional Budget Office.