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Peter S. Shaerf
Chairman of The New York Maritime Association (NYMAR)

Peter started in the industry over 30 years ago and worked for many years as a shipbroker for container and dry cargo vessels through a company he founded, The Commonwealth Group. He also operated a small Caribbean liner service while working for a firm of British shipowners. He has extensive experience in vessel valuations and has performed such work for financial institutions and Government clients.

He joined AMA in 2002.Immediately prior to joining AMA he was a co-founder of Poseidon Capital, a specialist maritime “boutique.” At AMA he has continued developing relationships in the capital markets where he has worked primarily advising hedge funds and investors on a variety of maritime investments in both equity and distressed debt and is actively involved in transaction origination.

He is a Director of General Maritime Corp (NYSE), Seaspan Corporation (NYSE), and TBS International (NASDAQ). Peter is currently Chairman of The New York Maritime Association (“NYMAR”) an organization dedicated to the promotion of New York as a maritime business center .

He holds a BA in international business law from London Metropolitan University