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Ship Shore

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Peter Evensen
Executive V.P.
Teekay Corporation

Peter Evensen is Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Teekay Corporation, a position he was appointed to in November 2006. Mr. Evensen previously held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from May 2003. Teekay is the largest transporter of seaborne oil in the world and an essential marine link in the global energy supply chain, serving the world's leading oil and gas companies. We connect our customers' upstream oil and gas production with their downstream refining and distribution, positioning us as The Marine Midstream Company.

Mr. Evensen has been instrumental in the establishment of Teekay Corporation's three publicly-listed subsidiaries: Teekay LNG Partners, which concentrates on transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG) under long term contracts and had its initial public offering (IPO) in 2005; Teekay Offshore Partners, which concentrates on offshore oil production under medium term contracts and transport and had its IPO in 2006; and Teekay Tankers Ltd., which concentrates on crude oil transportation under voyage and short term contracts and had its IPO in 2007.

Mr. Evensen has been involved in shipping investment banking and commercial banking for over 25 years, previously as Managing Director and Head of Global Shipping at J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc., the investment banking arm of JP Morgan Chase Bank based in New York. He held the same position at Chase Securities, Inc. prior to the merger of Chase Manhattan Corporation and J.P. Morgan on December 31, 2000.

Mr. Evensen also worked with the predecessor firms of Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Trust. From 1983 until 1985, Mr. Evensen worked in New York in the Scandinavian & Shipping Division of Manufacturers Hanover Trust. From 1985 until 1989, he worked at Manufacturers Hanover Norge AS, the Bank's wholly-owned banking subsidiary located in Oslo, Norway. He relocated to London in 1989 where he established the European Shipping Group. He returned to New York in 1997 as Head of Global Shipping.

Mr. Evensen obtained a BA in 1980 from Amherst College in Economics & Political Science. In 1994 he completed the Advanced Management Program at the Amos Tuck Business School of Dartmouth University, USA.