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Ship Shore

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Mr. Michael McClure
Executive V.P., Corporate Affairs
Navios Maritime Partners

Michael E. McClure was appointed our Chief Financial Officer in August 2007. Mr. McClure has been Senior Vice President-Corporate Affairs of Navios Maritime Holdings since April 12, 2007. Prior to that date, Mr. McClure was Chief Financial Officer of Navios Maritime Holdings from October 1, 2005 to April 12, 2007. Mr. McClure joined Navios Maritime in 1978, at which time he served as Manager of Financial Analysis and then Director of South American Transportation Projects, which included Navios Maritime's owned port facility in Uruguay and its commercial leads in Venezuela and Columbia. He is a board member of The Baltic Exchange and the prior chairman of the Baltic Exchange Freight Market Indices Committee, which is the organization responsible for all freight indices utilized for freight derivative trading by the industry. Mr. McClure graduated from St. Mary's college with B.A. and Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a M.B.A.