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Ship Shore

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Demetris Nenes
President and Chief Operating Officer

Demetris Nenes is our President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Nenes began his professional career working at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation as a Design Engineer working in various posts with the most significant being Head of the Trasmission Design Team for the Navy version of the S92. Mr. Nenes began his shipping carrer in 2005 joining OMI Corporation's Vetting / Safety & Quality department. During his career at OMI he moved in the commercial side of the business being involved in FFA Trading and Sales and Purchase. After the sale of OMI to TK and Torm, Mr. Nenes joined Ospraie Management LLC. Ospraie is a commodity hedge fund based in New York. At Ospraie Mr. Nenes was involved in both FFA trading and Market Research and Intelligence. Mr. Nenes holds a diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer from the National Technical University of Athens and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.