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Ship Shore

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Ted C. Petrone
Navios Maritime Holdings

Mr. Ted Petrone became a director in May 2007 having become President of Navios Corporation in October 2006. He heads Navios' worldwide commercial operations. Mr. Petrone served in the Maritime Industry for 30 years, of which 27 were with Navios. After joining Navios as an assistant vessel operator, Mr. Petrone worked in various operational and commercial positions. For the last fifteen years, Mr. Petrone was responsible for all the aspects of the daily commercial Panamax activity, encompassing the trading of tonnage, derivative hedge positions and cargoes. Mr. Petrone graduated from New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler with a B.S. in Maritime Transportation. He served as a third Mate aboard U.S. Navy (Military Sealift Command) tankers for one year.