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Emil Yiannopoulos
Partner, Assurance Leader

Emil Yiannopoulos, Chartered Accountant (ICAEW), in 1994 established and, until 30 June 2009, led the Corporate Finance and Transactions Advisory team in Greece. He is the Financial Services Industry Leader of the Greek firm, coordinating the provision of both assurance, tax and performance improvement services to the major Greek financial institutions and a member of the firm's senior management team. Recently he has assumed the Greek Territory Assurance Leadership role.

Emil joined PwC in 1981 in London as an auditor, where he had a wide range of experience, including the banking and insurance sectors. In 1987, he joined the firm's Corporate Finance team in London where he worked on a variety of investigative and advisory assignments, primarily acquisitions, disposals and valuation related projects.

Emil is based in Athens and has worked on a wide variety of investment transactions in Greece, and in the surrounding region, on behalf of both domestic and international clients and investors with particular focus on the shipping, banking and investment industries and on Private Equity transactions.