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Christian Ioannou
Founder and CEO

Christian Ioannou established MCTC in 2013 and the company has grown rapidly into one of the leading international maritime catering management and training providers. Christian is a fully trained chef and his primary aim in founding MCTC was to provide nutritious wholesome food onboard vessels to improve seafarer health but as well to open the lines of communication between the catering crew on board with a team of experts ashore. Christian and his team currently provide more than 15 million meals a year to all their managed vessels.

MCTC offers a full Catering Management Programme covering the vessel's entire catering management needs such as ordering supplies, recipe planning, menu management, health and nutrition - all of which r increases productivity and reduces vessel's running costs. It also provides a complimentary Catering Competency Development Programme designed to increase standards in the galley through a distance coaching program called safe food handling and nutrition course; onshore upgrading culinary course; trade tests, briefings, on board visits and also crew conferences. The company has offices across the globe covering the Philippines, Germany, Greece, Cyprus and Singapore with more on the horizon.

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