Piers Currie
Global Head of Brand
Aberdeen Asset Management

Piers Currie is Aberdeen Asset Management's group head of branding. The group, founded in 1983 through management buyout, joined the FTSE-100 earlier this year and now operates in 26 countries around the globe. Aberdeen only focuses on the management of funds for third parties, both institutional and wholesale, through distinctive investment processes that value teamwork, due diligence, scepticism and first-hand research.

Piers joined Aberdeen in 1995 originally as marketing director for investment trusts and became head of marketing globally in 2007. Previously, he worked as a marketing and communications consultant to a range of London-based investment houses. Before that, Piers worked in journalism, corporate communications and publishing. Piers graduated with a MA (Hon.) in English from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is based mainly in London.