Alexander C. Dovles

Born in Athens; admitted to the Athens Bar Association since 2003; Supreme Court Advocate

CAREER SUMMARY: Alexander Dovles joined the firm in 2008, having already significant experience in Greek and international litigation. Alexander has participated in some of the most important cases of civil and commercial litigation before the Greek Courts, involving the control and ownership of large group of companies, breach of shareholders' and share purchase agreements, distribution agreements and restructuring of corporate loans. Alexander is also advising the Greek Government on issues related to Loan Restructuring legislation.

EDUCATION: University of Athens (LL.B.); University of Athens (LL.M., Civil Law); University of Munich (LL.M., Civil Law); University of Athens, (Ph.D. Candidate)

MEMBER: Athens Bar Association

LANGUAGES: English, German

PRACTICE AREAS: Civil and Commercial Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Consumer Law and Medical Malpractice Law.