Friday, February 22, 2019 - Hilton Athens Hotel, Athens, Greece

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Music by Menelaos Kanakis


Vincent Xu
Stephenson Harwood

Vincent is a shipping and energy expert handling a wide range of transactions including asset and project finance, leasing, restructuring, sale and purchase, construction, joint venture and private equity. He represents banks, leasing companies and other financial institutions on a range of transactions and also advises investors, shipowners and shipbuilder.

His recent work includes assisting banks to provide long-term dollar loans to borrower for the acquisition of several large containerships and leasing to world's leading liner company; assisting a leasing company to finance and lease several chemical vessels to American operation shipowner; assisting global leading liquefied gas transportation shipowner to purchase several liquefied ethylene vessels; assisting investment institutions for the establishment of parallel investment structure and equity investment in Cayman and in China; assisting a leasing company to set up joint venture with an European operation company to acquire two semi-submersible life platforms, arranging financial leasing and lease to a national oil company.