London – Shipping & Marine Services Forum

Capital Link's Annual Shipping & Marine Services takes place every September in London.The event is held in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, and is held biennially in conjunction with the London International Shipping Week

This event aims to provide investors with a comprehensive review and current outlook of the various shipping markets, all while covering topics of critical interest to industry participants, financiers and investors.

The Forum presents a unique opportunity to meet and network with a large, high-caliber audience of ship owning and offshore executives, institutional investors, research analysts, industry experts, commercial and investment bankers, risk advisors, private equity and venture capital firms, high-net worth investors, and financial media. The event will be open to the buy and sell side communities as well as the media. By attending, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the current state of the shipping and marine services industry, the subsequent effects on their investments, and a clear focus on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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