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Tuesday, October 03, 2023
Operational Excellence in Shipping-Best Industry Practices

8:30 - 9:30 am
Breakfast & Registration
Sponsored by Castor Maritime

Welcome Remarks
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Capital Link, Inc.
9:30 - 9:40 am
Introductory Remarks
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Onassis Foundation
Member of the Board
Global Maritime Forum
9:45 - 10:25 am
The Importance of Transparent Emissions Reporting – The Benefits to Shipowners
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Shipowners need to provide regularly emissions data to various stakeholders such as bankers, insurers, charterers and regulators. The discussion will focus on the differences among emissions reporting systems, the need for standardization and the benefits this can generate for the industry.


Hill Dickinson


Mr. Stamatis Fradelos
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Managing Director, Global Industry Head, Shipping, Logistics & Offshore
Ms. Charis Plakantonakis
Chief Strategy Officer
Star Bulk Carriers Corp.
Director of Strategic Business Development and Planning
Signal Maritime
10:30 - 10:45 am
Alternative Fuels - Presentation
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Corporate Officer, Managing Director for Europe and Africa
10:50 - 11:30 am
The Fleet Renewal Landscape - Ships & Fuels of Today & Tomorrow
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While the jury is still out in terms of which is the ultimate “winning green fuel”, shipowners need to continue with fleet renewal in order to maintain competitiveness and achieve compliance with environmental regulations and market expectations. This panel will focus on fleet renewal strategies implemented by major shipowners sharing their insight as to their strategy and approach.


Vice President, Greece & Cyprus
Lloyd’s Register


Mr. Stelios Troulis
Director, Green Ship, Energy Transition & Sustainability
Angelicoussis Group
Chairman & CEO
Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) & EuroDry Ltd. (EDRY)
CCO & Head of ESG
Global Ship Lease (NYSE:GSL)
Bunker Director
Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (NASDAQ: SBLK)
11:30 - 11:35 am
GRIN MARIN: Global First Announcement Of A Marine Biofuel Requires No Engine Modification And Burns Like VLSFO
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Tailors Group
11:35 – 11:45 am
Safe Ships in Clean Seas
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Human element, environmental consciousness and safety as cornerstones of Sustainability and Quality Shipping

Diana Shipping Inc. (DSX)
11:50 - 12:05 pm
Keynote Remarks
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Minister of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy
Hellenic Republic
12:10 - 12:50 pm
Keynote Address & Presentation of the
“2023 Capital Link Maritime Sustainability Award”
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Keynote Introductory Remarks:

Founder and Chairman
Capital Maritime & Trading Corp.


Global Head of Fuel Decarbonization

12:50 - 1:50 pm
Sponsored by Marshall Islands

1:50 - 2:40 pm
The Global Supply Chain, Sustainability & The Role of Charterers
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The panel will provide charterer insight on three main topics – how market conditions develop in the face of current geopolitical and economic challenges; strategies in pursuit of green shipping; how charterers advance sustainability issues throughout the supply chain through their own policies and guidelines/requirements they ask their trading partners to adhere to.


Chairman & CEO
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHIP)
Founder, Chairman & CEO
United Maritime Corporation (NASDAQ: USEA)


Commercial Head for Structured Deals and Decarbonization
Mr. Matt Caddock
Senior Commercial Manager
Chevron Shipping
Vice President of Shipping
EVP, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs
MSC Group
Managing Director, Global Engagement & Sustainability
Oldendorff Carriers
Global Head of Wet Freight
Trafigura Group Pte Ltd
2:45 - 3:25 pm
Safety & The Human Element
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The recruitment, training, retention and welfare of seafarers and onshore personnel remain a critical issue for the shipping industry exacerbated by the geopolitical challenges of today. The panel will address the evolving landscape in this area and will also focus on the role of the Human Factor in Ship Safety.


General Manager
Liberian Registry (LISCR Hellas)


Ms. Venetia Kallipolitou
Cross Department HR & Training Manager
Tsakos Group
Hellenic Coast Guard (Retired)
Mr. Helio Vicente
Director of Employment Affairs
Founder & CEO
Prevention at Sea
Ms. Elpi Petraki
3:30 - 4:10 pm
All About Carbon - Carbon Offsets, Carbon Capture, Carbon Credits, EU ETs, Slow Steaming
Replay: Video  Audio
Do all available options and strategies lead to reduction of carbon emissions? What is best to use and how? The discussion will provide insight on how alternative strategies help achieve carbon reduction especially in light of the recent IMO and EU regulations and market expectations.


Global Decarbonization Director


Mr. Jacopo Visetti
Aither Group
Deputy Secretary General
Chief Sustainability Officer
Prime Marine
General Manager
Technomar Shipping
Head of Shipping
Vertis Environmental Finance
4:15 - 4:55 pm
Technology - Taking Shipping to the Next Stage
Replay: Video  Audio
Technology has a transformational impact across all areas of shipping optimizing technical and operational performance – reducing costs, improving efficiency and communications, enhancing safety & security, meeting decarbonization targets and more. The advent of Artificial Intelligence is about to accelerate technology’s impact on the industry. This panel will discuss how leading shipowners and solutions providers are using technology to optimize their operations and the priority areas to which they allocate capital.


Senior Director


Capt. Pankaj Sharma
Group Director Digital Performance Optimisation
Columbia Shipmanagement
Mr. Dimitris Vastarouhas
Deputy COO
Danaos Corporation
General Manager
Euronav Shipmanagement
CEO & Co-Founder
Orca AI
5:00 - 5:40 pm
Navigating Through Industry Transformation - Shipowners’ Roundtable
Replay: Video  Audio
The panel will provide the shipowners perspective on the current challenges and opportunities across shipping segments today, taking into consideration regulatory, geopolitical, technological, financial and market developments.


Senior Vice President M&O East Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Middle East, Africa & India (EMA)
Bureau Veritas


Capital Product Partners L.P. (CPLP)
Mr. George Margaronis
Latsco Shipping Ltd.
Chairman & CEO
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHIP)
Founder, Chairman & CEO
United Maritime Corporation (NASDAQ: USEA)
President and Chief Operating Officer
TEN Ltd. (TNP)
5:40 - 6:40 pm

13th Annual Capital Link Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum

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