Christos Economou
Founder & CEO
LNGShips, Oceanus, TMS Cardiff Gas

Christos Economou is an active entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd. (est. 2011), a dedicated and well-rounded manager of a nine-vessel fleet, consisting of five LNG and four LPG vessels participating in the midstream business of Gas Shipping transportation services. His involvement within the gas shipping sector dates back to 2010 through Oceanus LLC, a well – established owner of spot/short term focused LNG Shipping services of 160,000 cubic vessels; and most recently LNGShips a new venture in the LNG shipping industry focused on spot/short/long term charters for X carrier series vessels of 174,000 cubic vessels – where he is the Founder and CEO.

Mr. Economou has financially advised the private side of his family business and other 3rd party businesses in his capacity as a consultant for deals worth a combination of more than 3billion USD. He is also an active investor/advisor in growth stage Venture Capital Firms from 2008 – 2018.

Mr. Economou has served as the Executive Vice President of Cardiff Marine Inc. between 2008 – 2012, at one time, an owner and manager of tanker and drybulk vessels and offshore drilling assets. Prior to joining Cardiff Marine Inc., he worked at Heidmar Inc., a pool operator for crude & clean oil transportation services based in Norwalk, CT as an associate of the Corporate Management, & junior Freight Trader and Charterer, while previously being an Analyst for Lazard Ltd. in New York, an advisory M&A firm.

Christos Economou holds an MSc degree from MIT in Ocean Systems Management and a B.A. from Tufts majoring in Quantitative Economics and Entrepreneurship.