John A. Xylas
President and CEO - Ariston Navigation Corp
Syn-Enosis – Treasurer

John A. Xylas (57) is the President and CEO of Ariston Navigation Corp., and Melissa Shipping Company.

He graduated from Athens College in 1982 and from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986, where he also attended a number of courses at Wharton School. In 1987 he completed, a 9-month Executive Account Officers' program at Citicorp’s training center in NYC.

Following his father's sudden passing, in 1987 he returned to Greece assuming the running of Astron Maritime SA, a family business managing 20 bulk-carriers.

In 2002 he founded Ariston Navigation Corp., specializing in dry bulk-carriers and containers, and in 2003 Melissa Shipping Company, specializing in Pneumatic Cement Carriers. Today the Group manages a fleet of 10 vessels.

He is a member of the ABS, LR’s Hellenic National Committee, Treasurer of the Union of Greek Shipowners and Syn-Enosis, VP of the board of Helmepa and has served two terms as President of the Piraeus Marine Club.