9am NY / 2pm London / 4pm Athens / 10pm Hong Kong
45 Minute Discussion

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Hong Kong has long been a Global Maritime Center, facilitating trade between the East and West, and overcoming geopolitical and industry challenges and competition from other maritime hubs.

Under the “Belt and Road” initiative, Hong Kong has leveraged the Great Bay Area to become a super connector between China and the World, facilitating and enhancing access to Chinese resources post pandemic, while also offering an improved infrastructure, forging multilateral collaboration, and utilizing its competitive advantages that has remained over and improved over time.

Capital Link’s Hong Kong Maritime Forum aims to highlight the enduring leadership of Hong Kong as a global maritime center. The topics are Hong centric and the target audience is the international maritime community.

Leading Maritime Hong Kong Stakeholders from different aspects of the industry will provide authoritative and comprehensive viewpoints on the above. The discussion will cover prospects and outlook of Hong Kong as Global Maritime Center, as well as the traditional advantages as these have developed today

Topics of discussion include:

• Hong Kong’s drive to post-pandemic economic recovery, the energy crisis and the remaking of globalization following the Ukraine War, while acting as a super-connector between China and the rest of the world
• Hong Kong’s competitive advantages under China’s unique policy of One- Country Two Systems; Multilateral collaboration & how to tap into Chinese Resources through Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area
• Recent developments in Hong Kong’s role as a global shipowner, operator, finance, tax, legal and arbitration hub
• The new political situation in China, and the underlying tension of China-US relations, and Hong Kong’s role
• Hong Kong’s recent government reform has created a dedicated bureau for transport and shipping, and its meaning in terms of opportunities, prospects, and outlook for the global maritime industry conducting business in Hong Kong.



  Norbert Kray, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager Greater China DNV Maritime


  James Tong, Managing Director, Head of Global Shipping & Logistics Asia Pacific and Japan - Citi | Corporate & Investment Banking Asia Pacific

  LianJun Li, Partner, Reed Smith

  Wellington Koo, Executive Director - Valles Steamship Co., Ltd.; Chairman - Hong Kong Shipowners Association

  Hing Chao, Executive Chairman - Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings

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