John Banaszkiewicz
Managing Director
Freight Investor Services

John Banaszkiewicz is one of the prime movers in the dry FFA market, having helped foster the growth of freight derivatives through their tentative early years to the multi-billion dollar market we see today.

John founded Freight Investor Services Ltd UK in 2002 after roles at a London broking house and 11 years at Cargill International.

Since its foundation, Freight Investor Services Ltd UK has enjoyed sustained growth in every year of operation and has expanded from its London base to include coverage of derivatives markets via its branches and trading associates in the United States, Greece, Japan, Singapore and China.

John's determination and diligence in building liquidity in the FFA market, attracting clearing services and encouraging dialogue between users and brokers are unquestioned among his peers and competitors.

Most recently he has used his experience in the FFA market to help create new products, including cash-settled derivatives for iron ore and fertilizer as well as offering risk management and tailored physical ship and cargo services.

John is the inaugural chairman of the Iron Ore & Steel Derivatives Association and was the first chairman of the FFA Brokers Association. He is a member of Baltic Exchange and a FSA Registered Representative.

John graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from Newcastle Upon Tyne University in 1986. He is married with four children and lives in London. He is a director of Burnley Football Club and enjoys travelling, golf and reading.